Oct 9, 2012

How to Find A Perfect Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dress may be one of the most versatile dresses that designed for putting on the special occasions. Now, the cocktail dress is not confined to be worn in lately afternoon or early evening but elsewhere. Choosing what style of cocktail dress to wear, however, can be very tricky for most women. Since they don’t belong to the supermodel category, they prefer to select those cocktail dresses that can hide their flaws and figures. Few women can claim that they have the perfect figure that truly suits every cocktail dress. However, even if you are not slim enough, even if you don’t have that perfect figure, there is nothing to get frustrated. Who says that cocktail dress is only meant for slim girl? Going for a nice cocktail dress that suits you is no more a difficult task, for you can get wide choices of plus size cocktail dress these days. Before you pick out a right cocktail dress to wear, you should get to know what type your body is. Medium build, bottom-heavy, top-heavy, or full-figure?
If you are bottom-heavy, you should try to draw the attention to the upper part of your body, or your face. So, try some cocktail dresses that have the high-placed waistline, like empire-style waistline, so that to pull the eyes towards the shoulders, necklaces, faces. Also, it covers the lower body.

If you are top-heavy, you may have to try to emphasize your cleavage or pull the eyes to your legs. You can choose some cocktail dresses with solid-colored top paired with a short brightly colored skirt. Thereby, people around will focus on your lower part unconsciously.

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