Oct 15, 2012

Find Out The Perfect Lipstick Color

When you applying your makeup in front of your mirror, have you ever been puzzled about the color of your lipstick? Then you redid it again and again. Indeed, choosing a suitable lipstick color that is the right for your skins and lips is really difficult and complicated, for there are thousands of shades of colors of lipsticks. A perfect and pertinent lipstick can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and metamorphose women truly. That is the reason why women would dread the day to find their perfect lipsticks. How to choose a perfect lipstick with the right color? There are some tips for you.

The red and pink colored lipsticks can flatter most skin tones and easily paired with other colors. These classic style colors will make your face look more bright and appreciable. The red color will lighten the women's feature of sexy and tempting. The flaming lips are the key to seduction. For example, Angelina Jolie. However, when using these colored lipsticks, especially the red ones, be careful not to put on too much.

The yellow and orange colored lipsticks are more suitable to women who have relatively white and warm skin tones but not pale appearance. These colors will make your face look warmer and softer. They can also show the green or blue undertones in your skin. These colors are really popular these days.

The nude colored lipsticks are fast gaining popularity among women. This color can fit women of different ages. Also, it can make your lips look richer. However, it cannot work well with a bronzed tan or acne-prone skin.

The green and blue colored lipsticks are not so common as hereinbefore ones. But they are really cool!

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