Nov 28, 2013

Fall's Best Boots

Kim Kardashian
If you haven't heard of the coveted over-the-knee boot trend, it's time to. This fall trend has moved from the runways of Miu Miu and Gucci to everyday wear and anyone can pull it off. Wear with skinny jeans and leggings, or, for a more daring look, channel Kim Kardashian and pair with a long-sleeve dress.

Kate's Stately Suede

Stately Suede
The Duchess of Cambridge looks elegant in suede booties, a patterned dress, and matching tights. To get this pulled-together look, pair suede booties with tailored pieces, such as an A-line dress like Kate's, or a pencil skirt with a traditional collared blouse. Suede booties are stand out among other fall boots due to their unique texture.

gold-plated boots

If you're ready to take on fall fashion in full-force, opt for gold-plated boots. These stand-out boots are sure to take an ensemble from fall classic to fashion-forward. For this look, keep accessories to a minimum since the glossy metal plates are eye-catching and bold. Dark colors make the lustrous plates pop, so choose black or dark-washed skinny jeans and a solid-colored trench in navy, mahogany or jet black.

mid-calf boots

If you're looking for a boot that's not too short and not too tall but just right, choose a mid-calf option. These hit somewhere above the ankle but below the knee, making them a great option. Choose a heeled version as a more formal footwear option to pair with a long trench or dress. For a casual look, pair with tights, shorts, and a funky jacket.

Nov 25, 2013

Sheer Lace Dress

Working in fashion requires cycling through never-ending lists of pretty-little-things on daily perma-repeat. We'd be in trouble, or at least our wallets would be-if we followed this advice.  But sometimes something very special comes across our path that inspires us to find every iteration that resembles it-especially if it's on the pricey side.  Don't worry about this look being a fad, just ask the runway and celebrities-sheer lace will be huge in Spring 2014.

White Sheer Lace Dress

Black Sheer Lace Dress

celebrities in white lace

Sheer Lace Dress in Runway

For all of you brides-to-be out there who haven't picked a dress yet, embrace sheer lace.

Sleeves are a Key Trend for 2014 Lace Wedding Dress

Nov 13, 2013

7 Beautiful Must Haves for Your Fall Wardrobe

Blazer and Belted T-Shirt

Blazer and Belted T-Shirt
Every season can use a great blazer in your closet, but in Fall...blazers work exceedingly well. I love to throw on a blazer with a T-shirt underneath and jeans, like below, and top it off with a great scarf or statement necklace. How do you like to wear your blazer? I'm so in love with the belting style this year...mainly because it means I can re-invent so many things already in my wardrobe all with the simple use of a belt. How awesome is that?

Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt
The Maxi Skirt carries on from spring and summer now into Fall. And like most of you, I'm thrilled with the fact that it's sticking around! So as the weather cools, wear it with tights and and boots underneath. And be sure to pair it with a belted T-shirt topped off with a blazer like pictured below. It's FAB!

Thin Belt

Thin Belt
As mentioned before, I think the thin belt trend over just about anything is probably my favorite fashion "Must Have". There are so many outfits I can change up with the simple use of a thin belt. I mean, look at it here with this white shirt, pink sweater and striped skirt. It just goes so beautifully, don't you think? Love it!

Over-sized Scarf

Over-sized Scarf
Ahhh...the over-sized scarf is another style that's been around for a while because we all love it so much. And truly, what's not to love when you can bundle yourself up in something soft and cozy, yet still look impeccably stylish, right?

Belted Big Sweater

Belted Big Sweater
And here we are again with another belted item. See, there are so many articles of clothing you can use a thin belt to change. One of my favorites is to take a big sweater and belt it. Wear it with tights or skinny jeans and boots and you'll be sportin' miles of style!


As with polka dots, stripes have a class associated with them that are usually in the upper regions. You think collegiate or sorority, don't you? I think they're pretty darn hot so don't forget to add them to your look every now and then.

Leopard Print Flats

Leopard Print Flats
One of my favorite "Must Haves", Leopard print flats. Ahh...they're just so adorable. Pair them with tights, skinny jeans, slacks, name it, these babies look awesome with whatever you wear them with!

Nov 5, 2013

Red Carpet Trends Alert: Pants

 celebrity in different pants

Have you noticed that different pants are everywhere these years, especially in the red carpet. Wake up! Pants trend is coming!

Celebrity in Tuxedo Pants

Menswear Inspired Suits: Tuxedo Pants. Forget about flirty cleavage baring short dresses or uber-sexy slit gowns - it's all about menswear-inspired suits. Classy and stylish suits are now everywhere. This year, suits have become a latest fashion trend among Hollywood ladies. These formal pants suits are becoming the rage now as they are comfortable, elegant and make a woman feel more smart and confident. Hollywood ladies are experimenting with different cuts, styles and colors to stand out from the crowd.

Celebrity in Printed Pants

Printed Pants. One of the big trends this season (and next fall!) is printed pants and I have to say, I'm loving it! Naturally, it seems like going bolder up top and more subdued on the bottom is the easier look to pull off, but printed pants are just so much fun.

Others parts are Wide Leg and Leather. Enjoy them.

Celebrity in Wide Leg Pants
Celebrity in Leather Pants