Oct 10, 2012

Choose A Perfect Necklace for Your Party

So, when you have determined which dress you will choose for evening party finally, have you ever forgotten one important thing? Still have no ideas? Ok, let me give you some hints: your accessories! Have you ever taken your accessories into consideration? Have you really spent some time on selecting the necklace that is truly a good match for your dress? If you don’t, first, I Have to say, wow, it’s a pity! However, do not worry; there are some tips for you to help you find the perfect necklace, which will help you to be the center of attraction at the party. Many women may misunderstand that the only thing the need to think about is the kind of the outfit she’s wearing. However, there are many other elements of the necklace you have to take into account, like your build, your height, your neck and so on.

For the V-neck dress, you can choose the drop necklaces or those with solitaire pendants. It will accentuate your V–shaped neckline but not distracting at all.

For the strapless necklines, you can choose those necklaces that close to your neck. For example the vintage chocker or short sting pearl necklace.

For square neckline, a long chained necklace with a pendant may be a good choice. But remember the color of your necklace should match your outfit.

For the boat-neck neckline, you may choose the necklace like a string of glow beads.

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