Oct 30, 2012

Vintage Party Dress

So many things are on the table this season from modern to retro, from short & mini skirts to long length gowns. It’s really the high time that you had a vintage party dress for your wardrobe. By far one of the most popular and desirable items of vintage clothing is the vintage party dress. The vintage style dresses, specialized in the retro prints and vintage silhouette, will make you look more elegant and astonishing. Besides, this trendy dress will enable you to take a vintage look. There are a plethora of vintage party dresses. They can be a full piece gown or short dress; they can be wild, laced, with long or short sleeves, frills. No matter how many different styles there are, what you are about to do is to pick out the right one to perfect your appearance.

The empire dress is somehow the basic item of vintage cocktail & party dress. It has a high waistline which usually begins just beneath the bust. The long skirt flows straight from your waistline, giving people the illusion of slender and slim. This dress is perfect for the women who have a bottom-heavy body shape.

The sheath is another dress that belongs to the vintage dress. This fitted dress hugs your curves tightly and outlines the silhouette of your body. It will absolutely increase your elegance and grace.

The ball gown is also a vintage dress. Pleated bodice with a full skirt, the ball gown can present people the impression of princess and fair lady.

The Grecian-inspired dress is also a popular item in the red carpet. This vintage dress often carries the feature of ancient Greek. 

Oct 25, 2012

Nail Polish Colors

A proper nail polish color can definitely perfect your whole party outfits. Many girls are the dedicated fans of nail arts. Facing the artlessly innumerable choices of nail polish colors, you must have ever wondered among those millions of nail polish colors out the in the market. Which is the most popular color this season? Which can be the best match for your party dress? Following well give you some tips about choosing the right nail polish color.

Undoubtedly, the classic red color is timeless classic and never goes out of fashion. Since the day when it was introduced into market, it has been well-received among women. You can always see ladies wearing it on most occasions, from hot Hollywood celebrities to common house wives; they are all dedicated fans of the red-colored nail polish. Obviously, it has been the must-have for you.

The dark color is another classic color, especially the black. It matches and blends in really well with the different surroundings. The black color nail polish will give a chic touch to your look. As the cool season is coming, it is the best choice for you.

When it comes to pink, the first thing springs to your mind may be the princess. Pink color shows great feminine and highlights feature of cute and lovely. It has been all time favorite for ladies and teenagers.

The neutral color or nude color is really popular today. It gives people a smooth and comfortable feeling. It fits almost all the occasions.

Recently, the fluorescent colors are very hot. It gives people the impression of fashion and funky. Besides, it is very evy-catching.

Oct 23, 2012

Choose Perfect Party Dress for Short Women

There is no woman who doesn’t want to be the next Kate Moss, strutting catwalk at Milan top fashion shows and shinning under the spotlight. Whatever you wear, the dress can always suit you and show off your perfect figure. However, most women don’t belong to the super model category, they are somehow unable to put on the dresses whatever they like. For example, women of full-figure cannot wear the sheath style dress. Also, women of less height will find it’s difficult to choose a flattering short party dress for their party. There comes question, how to choose a perfect party dress for petite woman? The key to this question is to create an elongated look.

Many women may think that only long dresses are suitable for petite women. Absolutely, the long dresses will not lengthen your legs, instead that make you look even shorter. And they also think, short dress will make them look cute. This is not completely true.  A dress that at least goes down to your knee level suits you well. 

Instead of lighter colors, darker colors will give you a slim look. Also, simple color scheme instead of complex color shades is a better choice.

As for fabric, the soft flowing fabric is preferably a wise choice. The thick heavy ones will make you even more petite. So, choose those light fabrics, like chiffon, silk, taffeta.

When picking up your accessories, remember to avoid those large or heavy ones. They will make you look even shorter than you are. A clutch matching your party dress is a good option.

Oct 18, 2012

The Party Handbag

Standing in front of the mirror, just look at your whole outfits for tonight party. There seems to be something wrong, right? Your gorgeous attires and dead-drop appearance are essential to rock the party. With all these set, then try to amplify your fashion quotient with some chic handbags. The handbags occupy an important position in your party look, without which your party look is incomplete. Your handbags can range from a small pouch to tote of any colors, shapes, and sizes. It has been a must-have for your coming party. There are a variety of handbags for you to choose, from designed ones to vintage ones in the second-hand store. Just spend some time on it, you will get an unexpected result.

Chanel handbag is one of the most popular designer bags lines in the world. The leather material with the metal chains, it can match your party dresses of different themes well. There is no fashion without a Chanel handbag. It has become the must-have for almost all girls.

Louis Vuitton handbags with its classic logo and deeply ingrained colors possess the deepest temptation for women. The reason why LV handbag is so popular and prevailing is that it can meet women’s need to be beauties.

Designer clutch is another common accessory in the party. It can range from long size to short size, from metal material to leather material. Actually, girls prefer these kinds of handbags to above ones.   

Oct 15, 2012

Find Out The Perfect Lipstick Color

When you applying your makeup in front of your mirror, have you ever been puzzled about the color of your lipstick? Then you redid it again and again. Indeed, choosing a suitable lipstick color that is the right for your skins and lips is really difficult and complicated, for there are thousands of shades of colors of lipsticks. A perfect and pertinent lipstick can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and metamorphose women truly. That is the reason why women would dread the day to find their perfect lipsticks. How to choose a perfect lipstick with the right color? There are some tips for you.

The red and pink colored lipsticks can flatter most skin tones and easily paired with other colors. These classic style colors will make your face look more bright and appreciable. The red color will lighten the women's feature of sexy and tempting. The flaming lips are the key to seduction. For example, Angelina Jolie. However, when using these colored lipsticks, especially the red ones, be careful not to put on too much.

The yellow and orange colored lipsticks are more suitable to women who have relatively white and warm skin tones but not pale appearance. These colors will make your face look warmer and softer. They can also show the green or blue undertones in your skin. These colors are really popular these days.

The nude colored lipsticks are fast gaining popularity among women. This color can fit women of different ages. Also, it can make your lips look richer. However, it cannot work well with a bronzed tan or acne-prone skin.

The green and blue colored lipsticks are not so common as hereinbefore ones. But they are really cool!

Oct 10, 2012

Choose A Perfect Necklace for Your Party

So, when you have determined which dress you will choose for evening party finally, have you ever forgotten one important thing? Still have no ideas? Ok, let me give you some hints: your accessories! Have you ever taken your accessories into consideration? Have you really spent some time on selecting the necklace that is truly a good match for your dress? If you don’t, first, I Have to say, wow, it’s a pity! However, do not worry; there are some tips for you to help you find the perfect necklace, which will help you to be the center of attraction at the party. Many women may misunderstand that the only thing the need to think about is the kind of the outfit she’s wearing. However, there are many other elements of the necklace you have to take into account, like your build, your height, your neck and so on.

For the V-neck dress, you can choose the drop necklaces or those with solitaire pendants. It will accentuate your V–shaped neckline but not distracting at all.

For the strapless necklines, you can choose those necklaces that close to your neck. For example the vintage chocker or short sting pearl necklace.

For square neckline, a long chained necklace with a pendant may be a good choice. But remember the color of your necklace should match your outfit.

For the boat-neck neckline, you may choose the necklace like a string of glow beads.

Oct 9, 2012

How to Find A Perfect Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dress may be one of the most versatile dresses that designed for putting on the special occasions. Now, the cocktail dress is not confined to be worn in lately afternoon or early evening but elsewhere. Choosing what style of cocktail dress to wear, however, can be very tricky for most women. Since they don’t belong to the supermodel category, they prefer to select those cocktail dresses that can hide their flaws and figures. Few women can claim that they have the perfect figure that truly suits every cocktail dress. However, even if you are not slim enough, even if you don’t have that perfect figure, there is nothing to get frustrated. Who says that cocktail dress is only meant for slim girl? Going for a nice cocktail dress that suits you is no more a difficult task, for you can get wide choices of plus size cocktail dress these days. Before you pick out a right cocktail dress to wear, you should get to know what type your body is. Medium build, bottom-heavy, top-heavy, or full-figure?
If you are bottom-heavy, you should try to draw the attention to the upper part of your body, or your face. So, try some cocktail dresses that have the high-placed waistline, like empire-style waistline, so that to pull the eyes towards the shoulders, necklaces, faces. Also, it covers the lower body.

If you are top-heavy, you may have to try to emphasize your cleavage or pull the eyes to your legs. You can choose some cocktail dresses with solid-colored top paired with a short brightly colored skirt. Thereby, people around will focus on your lower part unconsciously.