Oct 23, 2012

Choose Perfect Party Dress for Short Women

There is no woman who doesn’t want to be the next Kate Moss, strutting catwalk at Milan top fashion shows and shinning under the spotlight. Whatever you wear, the dress can always suit you and show off your perfect figure. However, most women don’t belong to the super model category, they are somehow unable to put on the dresses whatever they like. For example, women of full-figure cannot wear the sheath style dress. Also, women of less height will find it’s difficult to choose a flattering short party dress for their party. There comes question, how to choose a perfect party dress for petite woman? The key to this question is to create an elongated look.

Many women may think that only long dresses are suitable for petite women. Absolutely, the long dresses will not lengthen your legs, instead that make you look even shorter. And they also think, short dress will make them look cute. This is not completely true.  A dress that at least goes down to your knee level suits you well. 

Instead of lighter colors, darker colors will give you a slim look. Also, simple color scheme instead of complex color shades is a better choice.

As for fabric, the soft flowing fabric is preferably a wise choice. The thick heavy ones will make you even more petite. So, choose those light fabrics, like chiffon, silk, taffeta.

When picking up your accessories, remember to avoid those large or heavy ones. They will make you look even shorter than you are. A clutch matching your party dress is a good option.

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