Nov 20, 2012

Some Tips of Eyes Makeup

The eyes are always the windows of the soul. They speak volumes, giving your personality for its intrinsic individuality. They are a dead giveaway of how happy or sad you feel, how much alcohol you've consumed, or how tired or upbeat you are. Eventually, your eyes will also give away your age. By applying eye makeup, you can make your eyes more gleaming while complement your appearance

Choose and apply eye shadow
These days, eye shadow is available in myriads of beautiful colors in the form of creams, powders, and glittery dust. Eye shadow is used to highlight the eyes. A lot of women make this common mistake of sporting eye makeup that matches the outfit they are wearing or simply because it is their favorite color. The shadow should be chosen according to the occasion, the time of day, the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, and, of course, the color of your eyes. For example if you are about to attend an evening party, you can choose the deep purple or gold shades. Or if you are going to a daytime party, the earthy tones are more appropriate.

When applying the eye shadow, firstly apply eye shadow primer lotion as a base on eyes as it will comfort your eyes while makeup and also helps to save your eyes from sun rays. It will allow you to apply the eye shadow more smoothly, and also make it last longer. Choose eye shadow brushes of good quality, which are angled and flat.

Apply eyeliner
Once you finish with the eye shadow, next comes your eyeliner. The eyeliner should be waterproof, as well as hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin. According to the occasion you are about to attend, choose the proper eyeliner. If you are going to an evening party, you can choose to apply a thicker and darker line.

Finish off with mascara. Your eyes get beautifully framed by applying mascara on your lashes. 

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