Nov 22, 2012

Sequined Party Dress Helps to Turn Heads in The Party

Sequins are beads that come in the shape of disks and are used to embellish fashionable items for attractive purposes. These beads come in diverse colors, sizes, and shapes. Sequins are available in variety of colors such as pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow, orange and red; and also the traditional black and white. Sequins also come in gold, silver and bronze. The sequined party dress is a must-have for every party wardrobe because there's nothing like it when it comes to catching his eye.

Yet now the appeal of sequins is more widespread and extends to all age groups and every type of clothing. Sequins suit ladies' fashions or little girls' dresses. They look fabulous on full length gowns or tea length skirts or short/mini dress.

Keep in mind that sequins are synonymous with chic style. A sequence neckline or waistline draws attention. If you want to highlight a soft, draping skirt, a sequence at the waistline will emphasize its flowing folds. A pretty sequence provides distinct detail and definite style. 

Sparkly metallic such as shiny silver and luxurious gold always light up the season. Actually, cool blue is expected to be the color choice for party.

Mostly, sequins used to be seen in silver or gold but now multi-colored sequins have entered the mix. Yet silver and gold sequins continue to spread party cheer.

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