Apr 1, 2013

7 Must-Haves for College Theme Parties

Every college girl knows that theme parties can be some of the most fun events to attend during your four years. And while the parties themselves are great, the act of dressing up and creating a costume can often be the highlight of the night. It’s important to have some basics for mixing and matching. Read to see our top picks!
Animal Ears
There’s a reason animal ears are number one on our list of essentials! They’re cute, take up virtually zero space, make your outfit costume-like in two seconds, and are super easy to style. It suits anything with a “wild” or animal theme (e.g. hunter and hunted, jungle), or any party that requires a quick and cute costume.

Camo-Print Top
Another sexy pick, your camo piece can be styled with almost anything you already own. Grab a cheap camouflage shirt or jacket from a thrift or Army-surplus store, add jeans and boots, and you’re good to go!

Neon Leggings
Neon is making its marks in fashion. Since they’re your biggest piece, your leggings will be the focal point of your outfit. But remember to go equally bold and bright with the rest of your look if you’re dressing for a 80s or blacklight theme!

Fake Glasses
Trendy oversized non-prescription glasses work notoriously well for a “nerdy” look, while sleek or cat-eyed styles give off a sexy vibe when paired with pencil skirts and up-dos. Even if you already wear real glasses and could just use those for party, having a cheapie pair of fake-outs insures that your actual lenses won’t get lost or broken.

Mini Dress
A total classic, the ridiculously tacky, brightly-colored mini dress deserved a place on this list simply because it’s inexpensive, works for a variety of themes, and is easy to style for a variety of party themes.

Plain White Tee
It suits Graffiti/highlighter themed parties.

Cowboy Boots
Another easy essential that you likely already own, cowboy boots add a fun and flirty “country” vibe to any outfit. Whether you tuck your skinny jeans into them or simply let the toes and heels peek out under frayed flares, you’ll create an obvious nod to country-girl style.
So… what do you think?! What are your theme party essentials? Do you have a collection of go-to’s for special events? Did I miss anything?

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