Aug 17, 2012

The Latest Trends in Cocktail Dresses


Cocktail dresses with belts, particularly wide ribbon, are a great way to add sharp detailing to a simple dress. The empire waist  belts are flattering to women who are petite on top. Waist-level ribbon belts define the top from the skirt and are most flattering to women with small waists. But remember that in either case, a horizontal line across the dress will break up the elongated line of the body. To avoid this, look for belts that are close in color or tone to the dress. Or, consider changing the belt that comes with the dress to a ribbon of a different color.

Mixed Textures.

This is one of the biggest trends everywhere in the cocktail dresses design industry. It is a new way to add interest while keeping the clean, unified look of a solid color. Detailed embroidery, beading, and metallic threads are adorning cocktail dresses of all shapes. Designers are also creating stunning dresses by mixing fabrics that are all the same color.This is a great way to keep the flattering solid color while still having interest in the dress.

Added Pieces of Fabric.

Loose strips of fabric and ribbon have been appearing all over dresses this season, hanging from the waist, shoulders, or decolletage. Petites should be cautious with this trend. Although petite women can add bulk without looking heavier, they can also easily be overshadowed by particularly ornate clothing. So stay away from the bulky curtain pulls hanging from the bust.

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